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- Livet er et usikkert prosjekt.
Ingvar Wilhelmsen
Synnøve G. Solberg Synnøve G. Solberg

About the photographer

I'm a norwegian photographer working with people and art.

I work with people in my photographs, and I search for the universal human beeing. suffering, grief and death are part of human conditions, and something we all recognize. I am concerned with human destiny, that is, everything in life that strikes us, and that we just have to deal with.

But I am also approaching the religious, the extraterrestrial, because the uncertainty that characterizes human life in crisis on this unpredictable earth is often followed by a "why" and "from where" or "by whom" , and we desperately want to get in touch with something bigger than ourselves. Especially when facing death.

I'm always looking for something bigger than ourselves, in ourselves.

Life, pain and death are in my pictures.